Charleston Residents Brace for Flooding and High Tides

CHARLESTON, S.C. (MG) — Thousands of residents in the Carolinas are bracing for severe flooding and heavy rain. Hurricane Joaquin is churning up the water off the coast.

Those in the area are watching Joaquin closely, but are already feeling the effects. Charleston has seen heavy rain over the last week, and with more on the way this weekend, they are expecting catastrophic flooding. In downtown Charleston, some of the streets are already flooded, which is creating a mess for drivers.

Flooding isn’t the only major concern for the citizens of Charleston and the surrounding areas. The high tide has some in the area worried. One resident even told our crew that this is the highest tide he has seen in 20 years.

The waves coming ashore are powerful, causing most of the beaches along the Charleston coast to be under water during the high tide. Beach homes along the water were seeing waves crash right up next to their doors. Trey Tezza, who lives in one of those beach properties, said he had to take pictures for relatives, “My grandfather is in Georgia and didn’t make it down to visit us so we…tried to give him a perspective of what it looks like because…we’ve never seen anything like the waves and the current.”

Even though Joaquin isn’t making landfall in the Carolinas, he is still complicating things. Many events in the area are cancelled and schools are closed. More rain is expected to fall Friday night.

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