Challenger in Savannah City Council Race Claims Incumbent’s Husband Threatened Her

Friction in a Savannah City Council race turned into a police complaint Friday.  Shaundra McKeithen told WSAV she is asking Metro police to investigate an incident that occurred after a debate of city council candidates Thursday night.  She claims the husband of her opponent threatened her safety following a debate.

McKeithen is running in the fifth district, challenging incumbent Alderwoman Dr. Estella Shabazz.

For some weeks now, there’s been a spewing of insults back and forth between campaigns on social media.  McKeithen began by indicating that Dr. Shabazz had not accomplished much in the last three and a half years and challenging Shabazz supporters to list her accomplishments.  From what we can tell, the discussion quickly went downhill from there.  A number of comments between the candidate camps have gone back and forth.  McKeithen acknowledging she at one time referred to Dr. Shabazz and her husband Yusef Shabazz (who is a Chatham County Commissioner) as thugs.

McKeithen says after a candidate debate Thursday night (and a few heated exchanges between herself and Dr. Shabazz) that Mr. Shabazz stared her down as the debate was ending. “Afterward Yusef Shabazz, my opponent’s husband. decided that he would intimidate me by showing me a gun that he had brought into the Civil Rights Museum,” said McKeithen.  “And I just believe they are trying to hijack me or intimidate me out of the democratic process..”

She told us that Shabazz moved his coat so she could see a gun in his waistband.  But the gun was not removed from his slacks.  Still, McKeithen said it was unnerving. ” He didn’t say anything to me but I felt threatened, especially because he was doing this in the Civil Rights Museum for several people around to see.”

“I feel in my heart that he was threatening me and trying to intimidate me,” McKeithen said.

Friday, she went to the police station to make her complaint.  A police spokesman told us the complaint will be investigated for merit, like any other filed.

WSAV was not able to reach either Dr. Estella Shabazz or her husband Mr. Yusef Shabazz for their comments.  Calls and emails were made to both and when we get their take on events, we will provide them.

McKeithen claims that Shabazz supporters have harassed her since she announced her candidacy.  However, one of Shabazz’s supporters sent us emailed pictures he claimed were of notes that McKeithen had put on his door.  The notes claimed victory would be had over Shabazz in November.

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