Yemassee house raided, drugs and weapons seized near school zone

Police seized marijuana-like substances, guns to include an assault rifle, on Tuesday morning.

Yemassee Police and US Marshals raided a house near a school zone on Tuesday morning. Around 8 a.m., drugs and weapons to include an assault rifle were seized from the Small Street house. One resident was arrested from the home just outside Fennell Elementary School. Three other men were arrested on drugs charges in the Yemassee area and in Hampton County.

It was a drug operation the police investigated for months. In the shadow of the school house, police say an illegal operation was busted. Neighbors are alarmed such activity could take place near small children.

“[It’s] definitely alarming,” says Lisa Melvin. “You would think that would be a safe area for the kids to get in and out of the cars and go to school, the buses are coming in and out, and you don’t want that kind of thing, well anywhere in the town let alone right near the school,” the nearby business owner says.

Police took substances which appeared to be marijuana, a sun lamp, scales, and guns from the Small Street house. Omoshango Jackson was arrested from the house on drug and weapons charges. In another location on Church Street, Corey Washington and Regunald Terry were also arrested on drug charges. Quadron Johnson was arrested on drug charges in another area of Hampton County.

“Hopefully we can get this community cleaned up, send the message out to everybody who is participating in these illegal activities such as selling dope and whatever other activities are going on, that you know, it’s not going to be tolerated,” Yemassee Police Sgt. Joe Loadholt says.

Loadholt is relieved nothing worse happened in that area near the school.

“All the time, drug deals go bad. I mean, a bullet [doesn’t’] have a name, and if something were to happen at that residence where gun shots erupt, an innocent child could be hit,” he says.

Some neighbors tell NEWS 3 they hope more action will follow, like continued patrols around the school.

“I think that in the surrounding area, and you know this is a small place, there’s no reason why the schools and the churches, public places shouldn’t be safe for people to go,” Melvin says.

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