SCMPD promoting an online database to recover stolen items, discourage thieves

ReportIt online database.

Have you ever had any valuables stolen from your home?

If you have, then you understand just how frustrating it is to try and hunt your items down–and how disappointing it can be to never get them back…

But Savannah police are promoting a new online database they say will make it easier to recover your stolen items.

News 3’s Courtney Cole has the story.

Picture this: After a long day of shopping, you finally brought that iPad or TV you’ve been longing for…

You enjoy it for a little while…until a burglar decides to steal it…and just like that, it’s gone!

But with the help of a new online database called ReportIt…Maybe not for long.

“The department, we recently acquired a new kind of pawn database system, called LeadsOnline,” said James Lyttle. He works in the Pawn Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division for the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department.

LeadsOnline works with local pawn shops.

“…It stores property that Gold buyers and pawn shops–when they report their purchases to the police department it goes straight into leads online,” Lyttle said.

ReportIt is the consumer-friendly section of the LeadsOnline system–allowing you to create an inventory of your valuables.

Police compare your inventory against those of pawn shops because police say it’s usually a thief’s first stop…

“It makes it so much easier for us to find your property,” Lyttle told News 3.

Police say the website is very simple and user friendly.

“They can go around their house and record serial numbers, take photos of their property, scan receipts and they can upload all that information into ReportIt,” said Lyttle.

The best part about this useful website is that it’s all free!

“I think the more people we get using it, it will increase the chance of us catching someone and putting someone in jail,” Lyttle said.

To learn more about the online database and register your items with ReportIt, click here:


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