More flooding possible on Highway 80, Tybee Leaders push for Improvements

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA –   A coastal flood advisory remains Tuesday night and that could bring bad news for beach communities across our viewing area. Rising tides have lead to stalled out cars and road closures heading out to Tybee Island.

Motorists are advised to be on the lookout for Tuesday until Wednesday evening of flooded roadways to Tybee.

“This is obviously caused by mother nature, this just shows how badly this situation needs to be addressed,” says Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman.

Since Sunday, motorists on Highway 80 have seen high tide waters reaching onto the roadway. The morning and evening rises in sea level were so bad they resulted in road closures Tuesday morning.

“Water going across the roadway if it is flowing fast enough could actually cause you to have some problems maneuvering through the road,” says Chatham Emergency Management Agency director Dennis Jones.

Jones with CEMA says pools of water along the highway carry a big danger as drivers take to higher speeds.

“You just want to take it slow you want to go easy, slow down when you’re going through the water to make sure you don’t create another hazard for driver going along the other side of the road,” he says.

The Super moon and easterly winds are to blame with the tidal rises. Jones says Tuesday was the first they’ve had to close off the coastal highway this year. These delays Tybee leaders say could be resolved if the roadway was improved.

“We need to raise the road bed, it needs to be widened and the bridges need to be replaced,” says Mayor Buelterman.

It remains an issue Tybee and Chatham county commuters will continue to face. For the rest of the week, however, Jones says the waters look to be residing.

“I think the peak for this cycle was actually today so tomorrow it’s not expected to be as high as it was today so we’re on a downward slope from the overall tide schedule, the tide sequence.”


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