FBI Warns of Phone Scam, Says Don’t be Fooled

The FBI normally investigates bigger crimes than a crook calling you on the phone.  But this time, the agency is involved. That’s because the scam is about the FBI itself.

A phone scam is circulating in several states which now includes Georgia.  Someone claiming to be from the FBI or “another government agency” tells a person that they’re being called because of an overdue student loan.  To add to the authenticity, the crooks use a router which is able to show up as the “FBI” on caller ID.

Callers claim they’re collecting for the student loan (an especially scary proposition if they happen to find someone who owes a student loan) and they need a payment.  People are asked for personal information like debit or bank account number and social security number.

The FBI and Better Business Bureau say be careful.  Don’t be intimidated.  And don’t be fooled. “The FBI or IRS or any other government agency is not going to call you and say you owe money,” says Tom Stephens of the Better Business Bureau.  “You know the scammers make a living out of talking people out of money because they can build a picture that makes someone feel like they’re in real trouble.”

Stephens says simply make it a habit never to give anyone any information over the telephone.  And he says if you don’t recognize the number of the caller, don’t answer your phone.  He says your phone is there for your convenience, not the caller’s.

If you do receive one of these calls, the FBI says you can make a complaint.

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