Bulloch County Bomb Threat Arrest

Just after 10:30 this morning, Bulloch County Sheriff’s Deputies and investigators responded to a bomb threat that had been called in to Langston Chapel Middle School.  The caller stated there was a bomb in the school and children shout get out.  School staff acted quickly to evacuate the Middle School and also Langston Chapel Elementary School located next door.  Deputies secured the school perimeter, assisted with evacuations, and contacted bomb detection gods from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and Motor Carrier Compliance Division to sweep the schools.  A command post was set up at the school to deal with the threat.

At 10:40, a second bomb threat was called in at William James Middle School.  Investigators and patrol deputies responded to that location, where an evacuation was conducted by school personnel.

While students were removed by deputies and school personnel, investigators began trying to find out who was responsible for calling in the threats.  A third threat was made to Mill Creek Elementary School.

Bomb detection canines cleared all four schools involved.  The children of all four schools were sent home when it was decided to close school for the rest of the day.

At 4PM, investigators took a 12 year old girl into custody for making the bomb threats.  She was taken to the Bulloch County Jail and charged with 2 counts of Transmitting a False Public Alarm, 2 counts of Disrupting Public School, 2 counts of Reckless Conduct, and 2 acts of Terror Threats.  The investigation could result in more charges.

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