SC Good Samaritan helping at rescue scene dies after falling from bridge

The Greenville County Coroner says a woman died after trying to help someone injured in a crash.

They say 29 year old Jessica Smith got out of her vehicle she was riding in on I-385 at Highway 276 around 1:45 Saturday morning to help someone hurt in an accident before first responders arrived.

Witnesses say Smith went to the cab of a truck looking for victims. After finding no one, she leaned over the edge of the bridge, yelled, heard a voice, placed both her legs on the edge of the bridge. Witnesses say she hear several calls of help.

“She asked me to pull over. She was the one that wanted me to pull over to see if he was okay,” said Jessica’s Cousin, Justin Michael Adams, who was also at the scene of the accident.

The Coroner’s Office says Smith thought the ground was nearby, but she fell 23 feet to the base of the bridge and died.

Jessica’s family says she died doing what she loved, helping other people. She was a Certified Nursing Assistant and a mother.

“She had a heart of gold. She would do anything for you. She would try to help anybody that needed help,” said Betty Smith, Jessica’s grandmother. “What she was doing wasn’t stupid or careless. She was trying to help somebody else, to maybe save another life and ended up losing her own.”

“She was happy in her last few moments. Her very last few moments, after being happy for a few hours, she was saving somebody else’s life,” said Adams. “So I’m glad I, if anybody was able to see and be there for her the whole time. ”

Funeral arrangements are being made at the Fletcher Funeral Home in Fountain Inn.

There is no word on the condition or name of the truck driver involved in the crash, who Jessica tried to save.

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