Paint the Town Pink 2015

Breast cancer awareness is a cause that WSAV strongly supports with our monthly Buddy Check 3 program.
Some of the survivors we’ve spotlighted played a role educating the public today.
As part of Paint the Town Pink 40 breast cancer survivors rode a trolley through downtown Savannah handing out information about the disease and screenings.
Then a special moment… pinking a Savannah landmark.
The Forsyth Park fountain is spewing pink water.
That’s a sign that breast cancer awareness month is four days away.
Survivors admire the beauty, but they say their message is serious.
“This hopefully will prompt them to start getting their mammograms and physicals and checking their bodies on a regular basis.  So hopefully some lives will be saved,” says Breast Cancer Survivor Donna Watson.
Paint the Town Pink is an annual awareness campaign by The Savannah Morning News and St. Joseph’s/Candler.

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