Hundreds lace-up their shoes for ‘Help the Hoo-Hahs’ 5K on Hutchinson Island

Help the Hoo-Hahs 5K Run and Walk on Hutchinson Island on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month–

And according to the CDC more than 25,000 women will be die from a type of Gynecologic cancer.

But one non-profit organization set out to change that statistic this Saturday morning as members promoted awareness during the Help The Hoo-Hahs 5K Run and Walk at the Savannah Trade and Convention Center on Hutchinson Island.

There was a flood of support for Gynecologic Cancer Awareness on Saturday morning, as hundreds of people of all ages ran and walked the 5K track on Hutchinson Island to “help-the-hoo-hahs.”

The non- profit organization brought survivors and supporters together to educate and provide support for one another…

“I wasn’t sure how emotional I would be, but after I’ve talked to some women who just completed their chemo, and one woman is just two months out of her surgery, it was very encouraging for me to share my story with them because it helps their spirit too–to keep fighting,” said Cathy Keen, a 23-year Cervical Cancer survivor.

It’s a fight Keen says is best fought with better understanding of warning signs and preventive options…

“I was very young when I was diagnosed. I was 32-and the HPV vaccination was not in affect back then. So I encourage every woman of age to get vaccinated along with their sons–the daughters and the sons, because that is a 95-percent protection not to go through what I’ve gone through,” Keen told News 3.

It’s not just the women warriors enduring the battle, but their husbands and partners too–

“The men are here because they know what their wives have gone through,” Keen said.

And it’s something Scott Samuels says he’ll never forget.

His wife Ashley passed away from Ovarian Cancer in December 2013, and ever since that day, it’s been his mission to keep her legacy alive.

“When she was still with us, she thought this was a great organization, Help the Hoo-Hahs helps local women dealing with GYN cancers and always wanted to help this organization. So we started Ashley’s Army in 2012 and last year-raised almost $11,000 and this year we’ve raised over $7,500,” Samuels said.

Dollars–that will be used to educate communities here in Georgia and South Carolina–

–In efforts to save lives and encourage all women to be proactive when it comes to their health.

“Pay attention to your body, and if you don’t like what your doctor is saying, find another doctor,” Keen said.

For more information about Help the Hoo-Hahs, click here:

For more information about Gynecologic Cancer, click here:

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