Coalition Hosts Meeting to Bring Long Term Solutions to Public Problems

SOUTHSIDE SAVANNAH – It’s been a long time since Savannah and Chatham county leaders had a long term strategic plan to solving social and economic issues.

Those in power to make change and residents who want to see it are brainstorming today to form such a plan.

“There’s a whole laundry list of things but it’s basically trying to keep people informed as to services that are available to them,” says Liberty City Neighborhood association member Howard Dawson.

The Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition is hosting the strategic planning meeting. It along with hundreds of town halls, surveys, and conversations they’ve hosted are in effort to solve public problems in ways leaders have been unable to do.

“Really there was no collective impact measuring so people were working and doing great things but people were not working together they were not working to change one outcome together,” says coalition director Tara Jennings.

Jennings hopes that bringing so many different groups and leaders in the community together can lead to better answers and solutions to crime, poverty, and education in Savannah.

“We can’t address all twelve things or fifteen things at one time, so we have to hear from the citizens to what they are willing to put their tax money behind we also need are business partners to be willing to step up and take on some of the role as well,” she says.

Citizens, businesses,public policy planners and makers are piecing apart issues facing all age groups, all demographics to better their home.

“When a bunch of individuals come together it makes something better than it could have ever been before just getting one type of person, and so what I hope to get from this is I like to learn from people and learn how we’re different and how coming together with those differences we can make something great,” says Chatham County youth commission secretary Aliyah Dorsey.

The next public meeting to discuss a long term strategic plan for the city will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2015  from 4- 7 p.m. at the Savannah State University Student Union Center.

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