Tips to stay healthy during flu season

KIMT News 3 – During last year’s flu season 145 children died from influenza.

This year the flu vaccine is being re-vamped in order to fight the virus better, and with the first day of fall is upon us, many of us know if we’re not getting sick our kids might.

Cindy Holland is a very busy lady these days, as a school nurse her office is starting to become a revolving door.

“It’s still a variety you can see stomach issues, the nausea, vomiting, the diarrhea. You can also see some temperatures. We have a few that have strep,” Holland said.

“It affects everybody staff, high school students, middle school students too. The other thing I see a lot of is headaches, stomach aches, which can be from stress,” Holland said.

“Influenza, norovirus will peak in winter, kids and everybody starting to get back together congregating it’s just a wonderful pool of different things,” Bethany Bjorklund said.

Bethany is an Immunization Nurse at Cerro Gordo County Public Health. Life is busy here too now that flu vaccines are in and being administered.

There are ways you can keep you and your kids healthy this time of year. Always washing your hands, if you have to cough, cough in your sleeve, if you have a temperature stay home, and those here always recommend getting a flu vaccine.

“If you have to sneeze or blow your nose throw your tissue away, try not to share utensils. As a parent or daycare provider, school, just wipe down things the desks every night,” Bethany said.

As for Holland she can only think about the fun days of summer because the not-so-fun days are ahead.

“Once it’s done and winter’s coming, which will bring more sickness as well.”

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