SSU Increases Security, Students Still Don’t Feel Safe

Mandatory ID checks, escorts across campus, and service to hundreds of security cameras may sound like the description of a jail – but that’s what’s been happening at Savannah State University since a shooting on campus killed a student back in late August.

Students tell News 3 they see the added security measures the school has put in place and think they’re the right steps to be taking, but they’re not sure how much good they’re actually doing.

As one student put it, if someone wants to get on campus who shouldn’t be, they’ll find a way.

“The thought of somebody actually getting shot and killed is kind of scary to know that somebody did get on campus and get that far,” said senior Iesha Stephens. “But as far as security measures now I feel like campus security is doing what they need to do.”

According to the school’s student paper, The Tiger’s Roar, everyone who comes on campus must have their ID checked whether they are visitors, students or staff; work is being done to ensure 600 cameras are functioning properly, and visitors with no affiliation to the school are not being allowed on campus after 7 p.m.

But Stephens tells WSAV some students still aren’t on board with the changes.

“Some people feel like it’s just a nuisance to have the changes and they don’t actually feel like it’s going to help make the campus safer.”

We reached out the SSU for comment on how the security measures have worked but our requests were ignored; a school spokesperson stopped answering our messages when we asked for an interview.

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