Trial of Alleged Murder, Rape Suspect Delayed

Torrey Scott faces 28 total charges, including 3 counts of rape,false imprisonment, aggravated sodomy, aggravated sexual assault, malice and felony murder.

The murder charges are connected to the death of Lisa Pynn.

She was found strangled inside her Port Wentworth home in January of 2014. Scott was her next door neighbor.

DNA evidence connects Scott to at least one of the three sexual assaults, one that happened after the victims was kidnapped from the campus of Candler Hospital, another in a dorm room at Savannah State.

Scott is supposed to stand trial on all those charges next week.

But in court Wednesday, prosecutors asked for that to be delayed.

They say one of the victims, and a witness they want to testify against Scott, is having medical complications and being on the stand could affect her health or that of her unborn child.

Scott’s attorney Richard Darden questioned that claim and asked that the trial continue as scheduled.

“I couldn’t help but think about this was this some potential ruse by some civil lawyer to try and increase any benefit of a civil case which she has pending,” explained Darden. “Which she does have pending. Or was this some attempt by the State to not try and have this lady testify because she’s pregnant.”

“This is not a ruse,” fired back Frank Pennington of the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office. “This is very serious for the mother, very serious for the child. It is ridiculous, and I am insulted that I would be accused of something like that.”

In the end the Judge Penny Freesman agreed to prosecutors motion to delay the trial.

No new date has been set, but its possible a jury may not be seated until January.


Prosecutors say there is DNA evidence linking a Savannah man to three sexual assaults that occurred last year.

Torrey Scott appeared in court today for a motions hearing.

During that hearing, prosecutors alleged surveillance video shows Scott chasing a woman in the Candler Hospital parking lot just minutes before another woman was kidnapped from that parking lot and raped.  Defense attorneys want that video dismissed, calling it “inconclusive.”

Scott faces a variety of charges in connection with that assault at Candler and attacks a few weeks later at a Savannah State dorm.  He is also charged with malice and felony murder in the death of Lisa Pynn who was found murdered inside her Port Wentworth home in January of last year.

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