#PopeInUS trending on social media

Ever since the Pope touched down in the U.S. on Tuesday afternoon, his historic visit has been trending on social media.

Twitter is even having a little fun with it and they’ve made it so that when you tweet the hashtags #PopeinUS, #PopeinDC, #PopeinNYC, and #PopeinPhilly, little emoticons show up with the hashtags.

Snapchat has even rolled out a geotag for the Washington, D.C. area that will put an illustration of the Pope in his “Pope-Mobile” on top of your picture with the quote: “They see me rollin’ Pope Francis in D.C.”

Check it out, Twitter user @FinneganPat shared the snap he sent to his friends:

The most talked about moment so far, has been the vehicle that the Pope chose to drive to the White House in. While President Obama drove off in his black protected limo, the Pope hopped in a Fiat 500L and rolled the window down to wave at people in the crowds and on the streets.

Fiat even responded with a few tweets about the Pope’s vehicle choice…

So what does the Pope like? Is he just like us?

There will be over 20,000 people outside of the White House to see Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is one of the most followed leaders in the world. He follow only himself on twitter (the official papal accounts in nine languages).

Most of his tweets get over 10,000 retweets and many responses.

Pope Francis will visit 3 cities in just 6 days. He’s the 4th Pope to visit the United States and he will speak to crowds 18 times during his visit.

We’re sure to see more tweets from the Pope during this historic visit to the United States.

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