Bluffton horse farm evicted from Pepper Hall area, searches for new location

Above Standard Equestrian must leave the Pepper Hall area, where they are currently.

A Bluffton horse stable and riding program is served an eviction notice, given 30 days to leave the property. The company, Above Standard Equestrian, trains riders and horses, offers boarding, and the family who owns it lives on the property which is partly owned by Beaufort County, partly privately owned by Robert Graves. They must go by October 20, but the company is still searching for a place to relocate. Another therapy program which uses the property, Heroes on Horseback, is hoping for an extension, and trying for other arrangements.

For Above Standard Equestrian owner Gini Quade, selling some of her horses will be like losing family members, but it’s what she must do before she leaves the property near the Pepper Hall area.

“Horses have so much to offer and it is heartbreaking, because they work hard for you, and they become part of your life,” Quade says.

Quade will sell some of her family’s 10 horses and move the business in less than 30 days. Those who board in her stable are also forced to make other arrangements.

In July, Beaufort County closed on the property where the barn sits, but would not buy other land where the house and riding areas are. It’s that land that owner Robert Graves is telling them to leave.

“For a horse boarder in this area and in the Bluffton area, it’s just tremendous and it’s such a disappointment to all of us, the Quade family, the boarders, that now that this place is going to have to be vacated, basically shut down to the equine industry,” says boarder Bob Raines.

“It gives you a lot of anxiety on where you’re going to live and there’s not a lot of equestrian properties around here,” says Quade.

She has idea where she will relocate. The move means the summer horsemanship camps will end, plus, Heroes on Horseback will have to find another location.

“You know, they service children with mental and physical disabilities as well as the Wounded Warrior program,” Quade says.

Heroes on Horseback is working towards an extension on the current property, considering other places where there are possible arrangements in the works, and in the future, hopes Beaufort County will make good on a public horse park in Okatie.

However, Above Standard Equestrian has no plans yet. NEWS 3 has not heard back from property owner, Robert Graves.

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