Salvation Army recovering from suspicious fire, in dire need of donations

The Salvation Army location in Beaufort is acting as Beaufort and Bluffton locations, still taking donations.

The Bluffton Salvation Army store staff is still asking for help recovering from a devastating fire. Volunteers say their Beaufort location, which is now acting as the Bluffton store as well, is in dire need of clothes and shoes donations. Meanwhile, Beaufort County investigators have sent evidence into their lab to determine the cause in the suspicious fire that destroyed the Bluffton store and all donations inside of it.

“When I first got the call, I was in shock, that was my first reaction was, I can’t believe this is real,” says Bluffton store manager Amber Hewitt. “When I got to the store to see the damage, it was devastating.”

Hewitt’s store helps people who are victims of natural disasters, like fires. Now, Hewitt says the store could use some help, too.

“It doesn’t just effect the business,” she says. “It doesn’t just effect the organization or the store or the employees or the volunteers or even the officers. In essence, it effects everybody because we cannot help those in need.”

The Beaufort location now serves all in need, from Hardeeville to Walterboro. She says the clothing is going fast.

She hopes volunteers and donations can come to both the Beaufort store and the warehouse behind the former Bluffton store. Hewitt also hopes the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation will determine what exactly happened, soon.

“I don’t see why someone would want to purposely want to do this to anybody, especially an organization that helps people,” she says.

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