Local radio station ready to make waves in Savannah

Pictured above is Dave Lake, a producer and host for the new, local radio station here in Savannah, WRUU, Savannah Soundings.

As journalists, we bear the responsibility of giving a voice to those who don’t have one, as well as reporting truth and helping those who feel like they’ve been wronged–to seek justice.

Now there’s a new, local radio station in the community that wants to use their airwaves to do something a little different.

Staff at WRUU, Savannah Soundings, says they want to use their radio station to encourage Savannah to talk to Savannah.

But what does that mean?–They say it means starting a continuous dialogue about ideas and issues that affect Savannahians here, everyday.

“The mission of the radio station is really to serve the community,” said Dave Lake, a producer and show host for WRUU.

…Especially voices in the community the founder of WRUU says don’t often get heard enough.

“I think it’s so important for us to understand where other members of our community–how they are seeing what’s happening. The more we know about one another–and know one another, know our values, our hopes, our fears, our dreams–the more we can find common ground and [a] way to really create a fantastic community that serves us all…well,” said Vicki Weeks, the founder of WRUU, Savannah Soundings.

The low-powered FM radio station–located on East Harris Street– just opened its studios on Sunday night.

It was created to promote diversity and connect the community through hyper local talk and music programs.

“We’re going to have a wide diversity of talk, with a wide diversity of people who are involved in each of those talk shows. We’re going to have a wide diversity of music–from blues to classical to opera to bluegrass,” Lake told News 3.

Staff at the station says they’re also looking forward to helping promote the local music scene as well…

“…Because Savannah is a very diverse community and we simply want the programming to reflect the members of the community,” Lake said.

Weeks told News 3 they’ll start streaming live online at the end of September on savsoundings.org.

And once they raise the $10,000 they need for a radio tower, (which they’re hoping will be by the beginning of 2016), you’ll be able to turn your dial and stay engaged with the communities throughout Savannah on 107.5.

For more information about how you can donate, or if you have ideas about programming for WRUU, click here: http://bit.ly/1iJOUgx

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