Disabled Vet Turns to Internet to Save Beloved Dog

James Benson first got his dog Jasmine in 2005. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

So when she started to get sick, and he couldn’t do anything to help, it nearly broke the bank, and broke him.

But “anything” involved thousands of dollars that one disabled veteran doesn’t have.

“She means everything to me. She’s my love, she’s my wife, she’s my child,” explains James Benson.

James Benson and Jasmine are inseparable.

She’s the key to helping this disabled veteran just make it through the day.

“I was unfortunately abandoned by my mom when I was a child,” says James. “I was raised in group homes my entire life. Sometimes I get overworked, and I get really nervous and I just shut down. I get super depressed, I don’t want to talk with anybody or anything. She’ll come up  and say it will be ok. Its ok to talk to people.”

But Jasmine couldn’t help herself when a growth showed up on her chest.. and started getting bigger, and bigger.

IMAG0101 imagejpeg951

James, an unemployed disabled veteran, didn’t have the cash to pay for surgery on the dangerous tumor.

“I thought I was going to lose her, everyone thought I was going to lose her,” said James.

That’s when someone mentioned Gofundme.com, the donation website. With no choice, he made a profile, and prayed.

jasmine go fund me page

“I didnt think it was going to happen,” said Benson. “I didn’t think it would have the reaction that it did. I thought a couple people would donate. I would still have to do a huge struggle.”

Boy was James wrong.

The donations came flooding in, and in just over 20 days he raised enough to pay for Jasmine’s surgery.

“Did you ever think you’d raise $6,000 in just 20 days?’
“No I didn’t,” smiled James. “I wouldn’t make that in a couple years with what I do now.”

Jasmine is now on the road to recovery.

“As soon as she came out of the hospital she peed on me,” laughed James. “She took a nice pee on me. Everybody said good girl, had a good laugh. I took her home and I was extremely happy to have her back.”

Now James has a lot of new friends to thank for getting his best friend back..

“I want to go out in the community and thank them for what they are doing for me,” explains James. “Even though I cant thank each one of the people who donated individually that did it. I will be able to meet other people and assist them and help them.”
“And she will lead you the whole way?”
“She leads the way every day. She’s the strong one.”

Jasmine got the main growth taken off, but still has a few more to go.

James also got pet insurance with some of the donations to help ease the cost in the future but he’s still thousands in the hole.

If you want to help, here’s a link to James’ campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/g62yhusk

James hopes when she’s better, he’ll have Jasmine officially certified as his service dog.

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