Bail Set for Selma Church Shooting Suspect

SELMA, Ala. (WIAT) – The bond for a man accused of shooting a newborn, the baby’s mother and a pastor at the church where the shooting occurred is in jail with bond set at $3 million.

The pastor is being hailed as a hero for taking the gun away, getting shot himself in both legs in the process.

James Minter appeared in court Monday after police say he walked into Oasis Tabernacle Church around 11 a.m. Sunday and shot his 24-year-old girlfriend where she was sitting in the front pew with her one-month-old child.

Minter is charged with three counts of attempted murder.

Monday, an overturned pew, scattered bibles and the memories are the only clues of what happened at Oasis Tabernacle Church.

Bobby Carswell and his father Earl Carswell were preaching that day.

“I mean it happened so fast. Click click click, it was done,” Carswell said.

“Of course, I was on the side, and Bobby was in front, them other two was behind and we had him pulled four ways,” Earl Carswell said.

“We got a hold of him and had him back here on the bench, and we disarmed him right here.”

“In a time like that, you ain’t got time to think,” Bobby Carswell said. He told WIAT 42 News there was only one thing he was thinking: “Don’t let that gun go.”

Bobby Carswell didn’t realize until later he’d been shot in both legs, and bitten in the arm. The mother and child are in stable condition. The month old lost four fingers—every finger except the thumb. Doctors are hoping to reconnect his fingers, but they aren’t sure they can. The mother was shot in the jaw.

Bobby Carswell went back to work on Monday. He’s been called a hero by law enforcement, but says he doesn’t like that label.

“My duty is to be a shepherd of the sheep and to reach up to this people that have reached out to us,” he said.

The pastor of the church said despite what happened this past week, Sunday services will go on planned.

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