Hunger Action Month Marks big Efforts by Local Food Bank

SAVANNAH,GA – It’s a national program those in coastal Georgia are joining in this September to tackle hunger across the area.

“Hunger knows no season, it’s wonderful a lot of time people will help out during the holidays that we absolutely love we have an outpouring during the holidays but it still continues throughout the year,”  says local America’s Second Harvest volunteer coordinator Emily Good.

America’s Second harvest in Coastal Georgia reports nearly 160,000 people suffer from hunger in the coastal area. The food bank not only helps Savannah residents but also those as far out as Vidalia in outer rural communities where hunger still hits home.

“There still are so many people that may not have dinner to put on the table they may have younger kids that aren’t in public schools, they are unable to receive that lunch so they are still struggling to have enough food on the table for their children,” Good says.

Feeding America reports nearly 49 million in the US struggle to put food on the table. Children, families, and seniors all are affected.

“Even when you go to the grocery stores you senior citizens, they are paying for their groceries and they may pull a few items back because they may, because they can’t afford it so that’s why this place is really good,” says avid volunteer Danielle McFadden.

So this hunger action month nearly two hundred volunteers work to pack food for families and older residents in the constant fight against hunger in Coastal Georgia.

America’s second harvest also in connection with hunger action month will be teaming up with Food Lion feeds to renovate the food pantry of the Salvation Army along Montgomery street Monday morning.

If you would like more information on volunteering at the food bank you can give them a call at
912-721-1796. You can also see more about the food banks efforts here.

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