Could we be facing another government shutdown?

FILE - In this Oct. 2, 2013 file photo, despite signs stating that the national parks are closed, people visit the World War II Memorial in Washington. No government shutdown this year, Republican congressional leaders say. But with Congress, it's never easy. Conservatives are demanding a cutoff of Planned Parenthood's federal funds as their price for keeping agencies functioning beyond Sept. 30. A look at what's complicating the effort to avoid a shutdown. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Congress’ Republican leaders face stark tests as they fight to keep the government open past month’s end.

For House Speaker John Boehner, any wrong move could throw his very future into question. It could open him to a threatened showdown vote on the floor of the House over whether he can remain in his job.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must contend with the ambitions of several GOP presidential candidates. One of them, Ted Cruz of Texas, has made it his business to oppose McConnell at every turn.

Now Cruz is again goading on a group of House tea partyers. They are demanding that must-pass spending legislation cut off all money for Planned Parenthood. But such a bill could not pass the Senate and would face a certain veto.

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