Youth Critically Hurt in Tractor Accident

Officials from the Lady’s Island St. Helena Fire District in Beaufort say just before noon today crews responded to a call that came in as a “crushing” on Meadow Brook Road near the Publix grocery store.

Whey they arrived, firefighters found that a 14 year old boy had been run over by a small tractor while bush hogging. We’re told the youth was face down near the tractor with severe head trauma, after being cut by the tractor blades.

Firefighters worked to control the bleeding and called for a helicopter.  The chopper landed at the Lady’s Island Airport.  EMS arrived on scene and while they worked on the patient, a firefighter rushed the ambulance to the landing zone.

The youth was flown to Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston. Authorities say his condition is life threatening. Scott Harris, public information officer for Lady’s Island St Helena FD says the boy had apparently been on the tractor and got off, but that the machine was not fully in gear. When the young man walked in front of the tractor, it jumped in gear and ran him over him.  Authorities say his mother called 911.

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