Advocacy and Neighborhood Groups Network and Brainstorm at Community Workshop

DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH –  Crime, education issues and concerns about a growing city.  A lot of people in Savannah are worried and these factors are driving groups to develop and take action.

These groups, forming from social media and neighborhood alliances of neighbors are trying to gather community support to better the way of life in Savannah. This week, several of them meet to brainstorm and network with their goals.

“They are what we need to make a difference in Savannah and change our quality of life local government has its restrictions but our leaders and the ones that are in power they are the ones that really make a change in our community,” says community and development director for the city Kerry Reid.

These organizations centered around community wellness and awareness are getting a lesson of their own.

“People that have been around for a while are having conversations with people that are sort of taking an idea and starting to run with it and certainly at the informal level people are going to start talking about it to each other in that way,” says Citizen Advocacy group board member Tom Kohler.

Savannah is home to hundreds of groups that work to educate and advocate for residents of all ages. Crime, public policy neighborhood activism all prompted these groups to develop. The city led workshop works to let them congregate in order to progress.

“Slowing people down, giving people a chance to listen to each other, and to listen to each other, i think what’s going to happen is new connections and new ideas,” says Kohler.

Ideas perhaps that better the community as neighborhood leaders and groups pitch in on sessions to talk about how there can be better help for Savannah youth. Some of these ideas will be used by the city in their master plan for enriching the ways of life hopefully for local youth.

“To get better to listening to young people rather than just talking at them and there’s probably a real lot of insight from our young people about how the community can find ways to make it easier for young people to find a good path rather than find a path that’s going to get them in trouble,” says Kohler.

Workshop organizers believe some of the master plans including the youth master plan that were worked on during this workshop  should be ready to be presented by the end of October.

The city is looking ot host another grassroots community activism workshop in March of next year.

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