Raleigh policeman and man he arrested talk about viral Facebook photo


RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — A Raleigh cop who made a Facebook post with suspect who tried to stab him and later turned his life around is talking about the experience and the post about it that went viral.

Officer  J. D. Boyd’s  beat is Raleigh North Millbank Court—and last October— things got a little dangerous when a fight broke out between a man and a woman and officer Boyd tried to break it up.

“I ducked — put my hand up — and his hand with a knife in it glanced off the top of my head…” said Officer J.D. Boyd

The hand with the knife belonged to Cory Sanders…  Wednesday Cory did something different with that hand to officer Boyd – a fist bump.

At the time this incident happened in this housing project neither officer Boyd nor Cory realized how life changing it all would be.

“If it wasn’t for officer Boyd — Cory wouldn’t be here today.. Cory is here today because he saved his life,” said Cory’s dad, Roosevelt Pulley Jr.

Cory ended up going to jail… but in jail things happened.

“It changed the way he thinks. It just helped him.. now he’s just focusing,” said Cory’s girlfriend Kendra Powell.

Cory found religion, got help from probation, found a job — and is about to be a father.

About a week ago— officer Boyd ran into Cory who apologized.

“ I had forgiven him for everything a long time ago.. it was never personal.. he didn’t hate officer body. It is what it was that day. It turned out well,” Boyd said.

So well that officer Boyd took a photo with Cory — and posted it on Facebook thousands of “likes” later the reaction has been overwhelming.

“(I) never expected it to go crazy viral like it has… I just wanted people to see an incident that turned out in a positive light and long term has had amazing repercussions for his family and policing in general,” Boyd said.

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