Your United Way Dollar: Where Does it Go?

211 call center busy offering guidance to community resources for storm victims

Throughout the 2015 general campaign for the United Way of the Coastal Empire, we’re going to show you how your United Way dollar is spent.

The United Way of the Coastal Empire gets a four-star rating from charity navigator, who grades non-profits across the country, and they score a perfect 100 for accountability and transparency.

Eighty-eight cents on every dollar goes to United Way programs: dozens of efforts to support education and youth development, economic independence, and health and wellness.

Just three cents of your dollar is needed to run the organization — anything under ten cents is excellent — and it only costs them eight cents to raise a dollar — that’s considered ‘very good’.

This fall, they’re looking to raise nine million.

For the next ten weeks, we’re going to profile ten of the dozens of programs the United Way supports in the Coastal Empire; much the same way, we’ll show you the work your dollar is doing in our community.

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