Tybee North Beach Dune Renourishment Underway

Tybee’s first line of defense against dangerous storms and floodwaters is slowly withering away.

The dunes lining the Island’s north side have fallen victim to erosion and in some places are almost entirely gone.

But a new project to re-build those dunes is well underway and neighbors feel it’s much needed.

“I’m thinking it’s about time,” said Tybee resident Barbara Hayser. “This is really going to help for our tourism and even more important than that it’s going to help for our environment so that we wont have as much erosion.”

The city has partnered with the state to provide 400 dump trucks full of sand to help rebuild the natural barriers.

Mayor Jason Buelterman said it will help protect the island and over time it could also lower flood insurance rates for Tybee neighbors.

The project is expected to take just a couple of weeks depending on how quickly sand can be transported.

The beach is still open to the public while work is ongoing and the city plans to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to expand the project further.

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