Soccer Playing Teen Is Kicking Cancer for a 2nd Time

Ethan Ferguson is a soccer player.

“Its one of my more exciting hobbies, and it beats being inside doing nothing,” Ethan explains.

Considering everything he’s been through, most folks would be ok with this 14 year old doing “nothing” for a while.

“You get upset at yourself, you get upset at everyone else, you ask why,” says Ethan’s Mom, Teresa Ferguson.

Ethan was just 12 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a ping pong ball,

ethan ferguson 7

P-Net. It sounds like some video game or internet service, but it’s actually a potentially deadly tumor with no known permanent cure.

Ethan went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation to battle that tumor.

ethan ferguson port

“Went a whole year without treatment we thought we were in the clear,” said Teresa.

But routine scans just a few months ago showed a new tumor, which called for a new round of treatment.

“As many times as it comes up we are just going to have it taken out of there,” says Ethan’s Mom.

His hair is thin, his energy sometimes lacking, but Ethan’s spirit still high.

“Poor Ethan even when he couldn’t walk we were pulling him around the soccer fields in a wheelchair,” remembered Teresa. “I think it did him good, made him want to get better want to get up.”

His mom says her goal? To give Ethan a “normal” life.

ethan ferguson 4 ethan ferguson 3 ethan ferguson

“When i was in the hospital (I saw) kids being pulled around in wagons or pushing around an IV pole,” remembers Ethan. “I was hooked into an IV pole, but i didn’t look as in bad shape as them. Didn’t feel as in such bad shape as them.”

“If thats what keeps him going and thats what’s in his mind, then ill deal with the doctors and what they tell me and let him deal with what he wants to believe in,” explains Teresa.

Ethan is still undergoing monthly treatments – but he’s got big plans – for a career as an electrical engineer, for finishing high school, for playing for the South Effingham High Soccer team this spring.

“Thats the one thing he hasn’t given up on,” smiles Teresa. “He wants to try as hard as he can, he’s going to make it – he’s going to do it.”

“Are you hoping to come back and play high school soccer again?”
“Thats the hope”
“Are you ready?”
“Yes sir”

Not just ready, but ready to show off.

“Think you are a role model for everybody out there?”
“I like to think that yeah,” smiles Ethan.

Right now there is no cure for the P-net tumor, but radiation, chemo and surgery will help fight the tumors if they come back again.

Ethan’s plan is to be physically ready for high school soccer tryouts this February.

If you would like to help make a donation to fight the battle against childhood cancer:

You can also donate to Ethan’s personal CURE page:

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