Columbus couple talks about being denied marriage license by Ky. Clerk Kim Davis

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– When Robbie Blankenship and Jesse Cruz of Columbus went to Rowan County Kentucky for a marriage license earlier this month, it got quite confrontational.

Blankenship said he has never been the confrontational type. “I’ve been bullied my whole life. I’ve always been the one that backs down and just goes and sits in the corner and lets them win.”

But not this time.

Blankenship said they had always planned to get married in Kentucky. That’s where he is from, and a day after being turned away by Kim Davis, a federal judge sent her to jail for contempt.

The Columbus couple was able to get a marriage license, but it was signed by a deputy clerk. They are left to wonder whether or not it’s legal.

“To alter it in such a way that puts everything in legal limbo…that tainted the whole experience in my opinion. The license is tainted in my opinion,” said Blankenship.

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