Savannah Man take to Hwy 204 Remembering 9/11

SOUTHSIDE SAVANNAH- Americans take to social media, churches, memorial sites and local fire and police departments on this day honoring the victims of 9/11. Fourteen years it marks to the day planes struck the Pentagon, the Twin towers and the crash of Flight 93.

As many people use those mediums to honor the victims and remember the tragedy, one man took to the highway on Savannah’s southside to share his message for the day.

That message, “Never Forget”. That’s what read on the sign Mark sat and held for the most part of Friday.

“We were hit hard as a country and we fought back for a little while and we need to get back our strength,” he says.

Like most Americans, he remembers exactly where he was on that day. In his case, he was working at a 411 office in Virginia. Friday he holds this sign saying only two words but carrying with them a much larger message.

“After 9/11 we were strong, we were tight, it didn’t matter who you were, no matter where you were, no matter where you were from, we were America.”

He says over time he’s seen that patriotism fade. So instead of sharing the message as he’s done in the past as a bumper sticker on his vehicle, he sits along Abercorn Street waving at drivers passing by honking, or yelling in appreciation.

“Rarely do you see an American flag on a car anymore, rarely do you anyone yell ‘USA’ anymore unless it’s a sporting event or something like that and we need to get that comradery back in our country,” Mark says.

And so he spends his 9/11 quite unlike the majority of Americans, but the only way that suits him, reminding us to never forget the ones we lost fourteen years ago and the unity our nation shared during that time of tragedy.

Mark did not want to disclose his full name to News 3 because he did not want this story to be about him, he wanted it to surround his message.

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