NFL Goes High Tech

FILE - This Aug. 9, 2014 file photo shows an NFL logo on a goal post padding before a preseason NFL football game between the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns at Ford Field in Detroit. In a two-year content and advertising deal announced Monday, Aug. 10, 2015, Twitter is huddling with the National Football League as it tackles the challenge of attracting a broader audience to its short messaging service. (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski, File)

(NBC) It’s officially football season and you might notice some aspects of the game getting a little more high tech. The NFL is now incorporating Microsoft technology.

The league’s enlisted Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet for sideline duty, that can withstand all the heavy hits, temperature dips and inclement weather that comes with pro football.


Coaches might be using the same plays, but the tablet’s helping communicate them in new ways. Coaches can also review play results on the tablet so gone are the days of binders filled with photos.

The tablet screen allows coaches to diagram directly on those photos in four different colors, “players and coaches can view digital photos 7 times faster than they normally would have with the black and white photos printouts” says Jeff Tran, Director of Sports Marketing and Alliance for Microsoft

Microsoft is also developing new video replay features that Tran states will allow referees to view instant replays on a surface tablet instead of going underneath the hood.

The company has a tech upgrade for fans as well, new “next generation” stats. Tran explains how, “every NFL player will have a tiny little chip in their pads and what that allows the NFL to do is to track their positional data, their distance traveled and their speed”.

It’s info Windows 10 and Xbox 1 users can access through the NFL app instantaneously.

Microsoft says they hope to have the video replay features fully integrated by next year’s regular season.


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