Bluffton Police investigate Old Town brawl caught on camera

The video shows two women fighting, and a man who appears to try to break it up.

A Bluffton woman claims she was attacked, in a brawl that was recorded on camera by a neighbor. Kerstin Taylor says the couple, a man and a woman, approached her, yelling about her driving.

The video shot from an apartment overlooking The Promenade spot shows the victim being approached by a woman. Then, an altercation begins between the two, as a man attempts to break up the fight. The women struggle to the ground before the fight ends. This video is circulating over social media, like on FaceBook.

“During the altercation, our victim falls to the ground, and and the other female jumped on top of her and I believe strikes her a few more times before she gets off of her,” Bluffton Police Lt. Joe Babkiewicz says.

Police are investigating the incident, but will not call it road rage.

The video was surprising for those who work nearby, like Robert Plantadis. Plantadis owns a bakery shop where the fight appears to have happened, just outside.

“You have to really watch out every day, everywhere,” Plantadis says.

He wonders over the cause of the brawl.

“It’s peaceful here, I’ve never seen or heard of anything drastically crazy like this,” he says.

The victim says the confrontation happened when the couple yelled to her about speeding, and she fired back that they were driving in the wrong direction. Police have made no arrests. They says they are still investigating.

“At this point in time, we have been able to identify everyone in the video. Right now, what we’re trying to do is make contact with all of them, to find out what event led up prior to the video starting to record,” Babkiewicz says.



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