SC police release dashcam footage of chase that left homeless man dead

HANAHAN, SC – On Wednesday, Hanahan Police released dashcam footage of a pursuit that left a homeless man dead.

59-year-old Dana Hughes was killed after being run over by a suspect police were chasing through Hanahan and North Charleston.

The video also appears to show a Hanahan police cruiser running over Hughes’ body.

Aldersgate Church in North Charleston held a memorial Hughes, who frequently visited the parish for meals and services.

Many of his friends told News 2 he was smart, helpful, and died too soon.


Last Thursday, Hughes was killed when 29-year-old Sidney Lamar Foy, who was driving on a suspended license, struck Hughes with a Chrysler 300 as he was fleeing from police.

After watching the dashcam video, officers pursuing Foy can be heard saying, “He is going over 100 miles per hour.”

Less than two minutes after stopping to let out a female passenger, Foy struck and killed Hughes at the intersection of North Rhett and Remount Road.

News 2 decided not to air the graphic dashcam video of Hughes’ death, but after Foy initially hit him with his car; it appears a Hanahan Police officer also ran him over.

Hughes’ friend, Denise Ledbetter, said, “He should not have died like that. The cop should have backed off of him.”

On Wednesday night, friends and family, gathered at Aldersgate Church to remember Dana Hughes.

Dennis Aumock said he knew Hughes for over 20 years. Aumock told News 2, “He was with me the day before he died, and yeah, I’m a little shook up.”

dashAlthough Hughes’ friends acknowledge Hanahan Police were just doing their jobs pursuing the suspect, some of them now question the department’s chase policy and think their friend could still be alive. Aumock explained, “I mean, the cop, I feel, should have let up a little bit earlier.”

Many police departments in South Carolina call for officers to determine whether the pursuit itself creates greater risk to the public than if the suspect were allowed to get away.

Another friend of Hughes, Shane Brown, said, “He couldn’t hear well. So I don’t think he heard the cars coming. I don’t think he heard the police car chasing the guy.”

Hanahan Police say Foy is in custody facing several charges including failure to stop for blue lights, driving under suspension and improper turn/lane usage.

The Hanahan Police Department has only released one of the officers’ account of what happened during the chase.

dana-hughes-3They say there are more supplements to follow and the investigation is ongoing.

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