Santa Claus Picks Sides In Bulldog Battle

Bulldogs on both sides of the ball to battle near Santa Claus in Toombs County

(SANTA CLAUS) Tonight’s Thursday Night Blitz Game of the Week is a match-up that features Toombs County High School hosting Beach High School from Savannah. It’s set in the stadium in Lyons known as “The Pit”. It’s a real dog fight as the Bulldog is the mascot for the teams on either side of the line of scrimmage. Our Inside Access reports goes outside the stadium and there is a nearby attraction that all fans can enjoy. The game will unfold in Lyons, but just a few miles away, we found a bone for Bulldog fans. The tiny town of Santa Claus borders Lyons and the Christmas spirit is alive every day. The Mayor says their motto celebrates those who believe the most in Santa Claus. “Of course, we’re known as the city that loves children and it’s children from all over, not just Santa Claus. Santa Claus actually belongs to everyone” said Mayor Al Lewis.

There are 167 people who actually live in the town. The Santa Claus city limits spans just 4 blocks. The crown jewel is the city park known as Santa’s Garden. It’s been newly renovated and now includes landscaping upgrades, new custom benches, and a chapel that looks like a gingerbread house. ” It’s just created a whole different atmosphere. It’s a beautiful place for peace, tranquility and it’s just a lovely spot.” Lewis said. The Mayor adds that the chapel is not an ornamental structure. It’s functional. ” We have services every Sunday in the chapel and it seats around 50 people and ah, we really ask everybody to come visit. See the chapel and visit and walk through the gardens.” said Lewis.  Lewis says it’s better to visit Santa Claus’s Garden in Georgia rather than a trip to the North Pole. Visitors from as far away as England have signed the book in the Chapel, which was added to the park about a year ago.

Mayor Lewis says it’s nice to have the spotlight on the new garden before the holiday season and he shares his wish for the outcome of the Thursday Night Game of the Week featuring a Toombs County team. “We’re pullin’ for the Bulldog fans as well as the Indians and the Crusaders and all the schools in the area, but kinda pullin’ for the dogs a little more.” Mayor Lewis said. He adds the biggest benefit of the live broadcast is that it allows fans unable to attend the game to have the best seats in the house. ” When they’re broadcasting it, if you can’t go to the game, you can listen to it and keep upo with the team and it just creates a good spirit around town and it’s very important to broadcast the games and carry the games for the people who can’t attend.” said Lewis.  Click the link below to access the WSAV Thursday Night Blitz page on our website.

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