Lawsuit: Dairy Queen Worker Beat Woman Over Blizzard

A pregnant woman says she was attacked by an Albuquerque, New Mexico  Dairy Queen worker because of a dispute over a blizzard. Now she is suing the restaurant.

Angelika Coakley- Vargas says she and her fiance stopped at the restaurant last month when she she got a craving for a Georgia mud slide blizzard.  Vargas says the workers got her order wrong and she complained.  . She says the worker refuses to correct her order,  Vargas says that is when she pushed the blizzard on the counter back to the employee, spilling some of the treat.

Witnesses say when Vargas walked out of the restaurant, one of the workers, Takisha Archuleta, chased after her and attacked her,. Vargas was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and her baby is expected to be okay,

Archuleta may be charged  with battery,  Dairy Queen has refused  to comment on the case.

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