Rain? Wipers Not Needed

Google’s self-driving cars WON’T have windshield wipers. Automated vehicles will leave passengers unable to see out the window when it rains.

But wait… duh moment.

The self-driving car is designed to work without a gas pedal, steering wheel… and wipers… because there’s no need.


There’s no need for a human driver so there’s no need for people to see out of the car’s windshield.

It may seem obvious, but some say they want them anyway. Passengers say they feel helpless without the feature.

The Google car is set to hit selected roads in Austin, Texas. One was recently brought to the Thinkery, a children’s museum in the city. It was here where someone as about windshield wipers.

A Google employee said there aren’t windshield wipers, but there are wipers or sensors on the car’s ‘eyes.’

The car doesn’t need input from a driver. It only needs the end destination information. There is no driving in the way that we know it. Everyone inside the car will be considered passengers. You don’t have to pay attention to the road.


Google has been testing the cars since 20009. The company hopes to make the driverless cars available to consumers in the next five years. It’s possible that some models will come with a steering wheel for emergency use.

While it sounds like an amazing invention, I am one who still wants to see what is ahead. Wipers please! An added feature that can be adjusted by the ‘passenger.’

(sources: RoadandTrack, Council Chronicle, Zee News)

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