Washington State University bans certain words in some classes

(KHQ)  Too harsh or respect the rules? That’s the question on Washington State University’s campus after some professors included a section in their class syllabi prohibiting certain language in their classes with potential consequences of failing a class.

Fall classes began last Monday and with those classes for some students came strict rules about language they cannot use in class.  Some professors in the Department of Criticial Culture, Gender and Race Studies made it clear in their syllabi what language and terms students are not allowed to use, with a result potentially as dramatic as getting points docked or even failing a class.

“That’s kind of harsh, but you live with it,” says senior Anthony Lui.  “There are rules in this world, you kind of have to follow them.”

In one class the terms “illegal alien”, “colored people” and “male” and “female” are cited in the syllabus as words that could gain a student an F.

“I think it’s unfair.  A lot of students look at it as illegal immigrants,” says Mikayla Taflinger, a freshman.  “That’s how we see it in our newsfeed, all over CNN and Fox News that’s what they call them. Illegal immigrants.”

Read more: http://bit.ly/1huwLSR

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