Deputies Save Toddler After Chase

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – One suspect took deputies on a high speed chase while a 3-year-old was in the car.

Calls came in at 1:30 Monday afternoon saying a man was yelling and cussing at the 3-year-old and throwing her into a vehicle through an open window.

“As soon as we made contact, he took off in his vehicle and led us on a high speed chase,” said Torrance County Sheriff Heath White.

He says what worried them the most was the young girl.

“We didn’t know if she was kidnapped, what the situation was; his behavior was extremely dangerous and reckless, so we had to stop his action,” added White.

The suspect took deputies through fences and across over-passes. He got up to 90 miles an hour in a Moriarty neighborhood and at one point was even on two wheels, almost rolling over. The young girl was in the car during the whole chase.

At the right moment, the sheriff stepped in to end it all. Performing a pit maneuver, he hit the suspects’ vehicle bringing it to a stop in an open field.

That’s when Jeremy McMeans was finally taken into custody. Deputies were then able to get the little girl.

Deputies say McMeans was wanted, and had been using his daughter to break into homes by having her climb through doggie doors.

They say she hadn’t eaten in four days.

She is now okay, and they are working to get her back with family.

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