Top Stolen Vehicles in the U.S.

The annual list of the vehicles more likely to be stolen in the U.S. has been released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Overall, nationwide, the report showed that in 2014 the Honda Accord as the top stolen car, 51,290 of them were reported stolen.

The Honda Civic was the second, followed by the full size Ford pickup.

The Bureau reports that the number of cars stolen per year has gone down considerably since the late 1990s where there was a high of 1.7 million to about 700 thousand, today.

Many of the cars stolen are older model vehicles.

Here are some tips on how to keep your car safe from thieves- always take your keys with you when leaving your vehicle. Whether  you’re leaving your car for just a few minutes, always keep them on your person. Also, consider installing an audible alarm or ignition immobilizer and be mindful of where you park.

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