Oregon Students to Dance every Morning in Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Beaverton schools are taking part in a pilot program to begin each day with 10 minutes of movement, an effort to combat obesity, Aug. 31, 2015 (KOIN)

BEAVERTON, OR (KOIN) — In Oregon and southwest Washington, 27.3% of all people are obese. That statistic from the American Heart Association includes children.

A new pilot program in the Beaverton School District aimed at cutting that percentage is underway in 3 elementary schools.

“We’re starting our day by changing our culture,” said Bearverton School District’s Cheryl Wardell.  “We’re starting our day with 10 minutes of movement every day in our pilot schools.”

Students at Sexton Mountain, Bonny Slope and West TV Elementary will do group movements activities — lunges, situps, dance —  in the classroom, all designed at getting heart rates up.

Teachers will learn how to teach students the best ways to move.

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