Cheaper, faster tutoring techniques

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Many parents hire tutors for their children during the school months, hoping to provide extra learning and support. The high cost of personal tutors can be difficult to afford, but with technological advancements, tutors can now be used – for free.

The use of tutoring apps is increasing, and many teachers encourage parents to use them.

“We do encourage our parents because so many people have tablets and smartphones and they can get these apps free,” said Michelle Money, a Kindergarten teacher.

For students that need help with their math problems right away, try MathCrunch, a free app with live online tutors.

Another popular app is Kahn Academy. It offers free lessons in a variety of subjects, and gives students instant feedback on problems.

GotIt! is another app that gives free, instant math help with explanations on how to solve problems.

While many students can use apps to supplement personal tutoring, it’s not for all children.

“My grand-kids, I’ve got one that could probably go online and do well, and I’ve got one that maybe wouldn’t do as well because they need that hands on; that face to face communication,” said Glenda Harris, a grandmother.

However, if your child is tech savvy and needs a little help with schoolwork, trying a tutoring app is a great way to save money and time.

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