A Room with a View

With Labor Day approaching, you may be looking to get in that one last ‘summer’ vacation.

Are you one who must have a stunning view? The twinkling lights of a big city? An unblocked view of the beach? Or how about something more extreme… like bunking on the edge of a cliff or sleeping 13 feet below the surface of the sea?

Here are some of the world’s most thrilling hotel views.

First, (pictured above) is the Skylodge Adventure Suite. If you are brave enough to stay here, it clings to the side of one of Peru’s highest peaks. The Natura Vive Skylodge is a transparent glass pod that offers 300-degree views of the valley. It costs $282 a night per person. Only catch is… to get there, you have to climb a 400ft cliff face.

Next, is the Zoo de la Fleche. If you can’t afford to travel to the Arctic, you can catch a glimpse of polar bears here. Guests can spend the night at this zoo in France for $246 a night. Just sit back and sip wine while polar bears go for a swim and even approach your window.


What comes next is my preference! The Manta Resort on Pemba Island… this is Africa’s first underwater hotel, which is 13 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean. You have unbelievable views of fish in their natural habitat. The room is part of a private floating ‘island.’ It’s just north of Zanzibar. A double room, however, isn’t cheap at $1500 per night.


And finally, there’s the Jamala Wildlife Lodge. This is nestled in Australia’s political capital. You get to wake up to lions and even share a bath with a bear! This experience will cost you around $700 a night.


I guess we all need to start saving now.

(source: Daily Mail)

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