A Generation May Be Losing Their Hearing due to Earbuds

[NBC] The youth of today are wearing earbuds much smaller than most people grew up wearing, which were usually over the ear and not in, and they’re far more power. Yet few have any ideas of the risk. One doctor, Josef Shargorodsky says that all the young patients he sees in a week about 40 have some form of hearing loss.

This trend is so alarming that the world health organization issued a dire warning- that over a billion teens and young adults are at risk for hearing loss from listening to music too loudly.

Any level over 80 decibels, just over 50% volume on most smartphones, is considered harmful after 15 minutes of listening time.

Doctors suggest following the 60/60 rule. Keep your volume below 60 percent and try to keep your listening to under 60 minutes per day.

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