Two local organizations team up to prepare adults with disabilities for the workforce

The Tourism Leadership Council and The Coastal Center for Developmental Services helps prepare local adults with developmental disabilities for the workforce.

Tourism – it’s the largest employer here in the coastal empire.

Two local organizations are teaming up to give back to the community, and allow a very special group to lend a helping hand to the successful industry.

The Tourism Leadership Council partnered with the Coastal Center for Developmental Services for a day they both describe as a “learning experience.”

…A day to learn what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong–and how they can help improve the skills for everyone interested in being a part of the future workforce.

“This is from the Savannah Bee Company, we put like the body wash, the lotion, and the lip gloss inside the box, once you put it in the bag, you put it inside the box…,” said Julius Mitchell. He participates in the workforce program at the Coastal Center for Developmental Services.

Mitchell– and many others with developmental disabilities eagerly work their way through the day like this at the center.

“It’s been a good experience, and I love working here. I’ve got a lot of friends, and I just like to work and keep a fast pace,” Mitchell said.

The non-profit agency trains hundreds of people with developmental disabilities to learn skills like printing, packaging and cooking– getting them ready for the work place..

…And they directly contribute to the success of the biggest industry here in Savannah..tourism.

“Workforce development is something that’s important to our industry as we move forward, and today’s an opportunity for us to come out and lend a helping hand wherever we can in this community,” said Michael Owens, the President of the Tourism Leadership Council.

The council partnered up with the Coastal Center for Developmental Services to not only give the group the opportunity to learn new skills–but to give them new opportunities.

“And so we want our guys to see that there’s employment opportunities here. You can employ somebody here who’s an asset to your organization, an asset to this community. We want to expose them to the concept that employment is not always in the most traditional places,” Owens told News 3.

…And that tourism is about more than just hotels and restaurants, but making the city a better place for the people who work behind the scenes and for the visitors….

“They’re getting satisfaction, they’re getting happiness, and for some of them purpose and drive and direction,” said Owens.

All the products packaged will be sold in Target stores and the money from each package will go to support people with developmental disabilities.

For more information about the Coastal Center for Developmental Services, click this link:

For more information about the Tourism Leadership Council, click this link:

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