SSU Security Heightened at Gates Throughout Weekend

SAVANNAH, GA – Students on the Savannah State University campus remain on edge tonight less than 24 hours following an on campus fatal shooting.

Nearly a year ago some students were dealing with a similar situation when shots rung out near campus. Now with this latest shooting many students and others have questions about safety and security on the SSU campus itself.

“If you’re doing that on a college campus how are we supposed to feel safe getting our education if you’re out here shooting somebody,” says student Ladarius Jackson.

Students are calling for stronger security and prayers as they mourn the loss of life when an altercation Thursday night led to tragedy.

“I’m not going to say security isn’t doing their job persay but it’s more so of I guess increased security being a little more stricter,” says one Savannah State senior.

Campus was on high alert after shots were fired at the Student Union that ultimately led to the death of 22 year old Christopher Starks. The day after, university leaders announce increase measures for safety.

“We continue to evaluate safety measures and resources available to us to maintain a safer climate,” says university president Dr. Cheryl Davenport Dozier.

A source tells News 3 school public safety officials combed the campus for faulty security equipment Friday, some of which was discovered to be in fact operating improperly and has since been repaired. The university is also taking steps to boost parameter supervision around the campus.

“You will see that there will be public safety officers at each of the gates checking id’s of persons as they enter,” says Dr. Dozier.

The Savannah State University campus will have these checkpoints active throughout the weekend with officers stationed at all of the four entrances to campus. University officials also tell News 3 that local law enforcement will be increasing patrols and presences in addition to campus security.

Students tell us that events are scheduled to honor Starks throughout the weekend on campus.

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