Democratic party leaders meet in Minneapolis

(NBC News)  As Democratic party leaders met in Minneapolis Friday, Hillary Clinton was on a mission to win over the delegates who’ll decide the nomination.

“My whole life, I’ve worked to even the odds for people who have the odds stacked against them – that’s what we Democrats do,” Clinton told the crowd.

Still, two challengers complain Clinton supporters are stacking the odds against them.

Jim Webb skipped the event and Martin O’Malley argued the party’s debate structure gives the front-runner an edge.

“One debate in Iowa. That’s it? One debate in New Hampshire. That’s all we can afford?” O’Malley complained.

That’s not a problem for Bernie Sanders, who’s drawing huge crowds and gaining ground in the polls.

Meanwhile, as Clinton’s private email server and Vice President Biden’s odds of running dominate headlines for Democrats, Republicans are struggling to escape Donald Trump’s spotlight.

They want to focus on policy, but can’t ignore the front-runner.

“Let’s have a debate about the ideas that people have as candidates and when they do, I think I’ll do a lot better than Mr. Trump,” Jeb Bush told supporters.

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