ACT Numbers up in Beaufort County Schools

Numbers are on the rise in Beaufort county for both the number of students taking the ACT test and the scores of the test themselves.

“We’ve had about a 67% increase since 2011, we’ve moved up from 350 to almost 600 seniors taking the ACT, which is about a 67% increase. We had a 6% increase over last year, our results are still above the state average with more students taking the test,” said Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Moss.

Something that’s surprised officials over the last several years.

“Typically the thought process is that the more students you have taking the test, the lower your results. But I am very pleased with what our teachers are doing in the classroom on a daily basis. We have a rigorous curriculum, we expect students to have the english courses, the math courses, up through Algebra 2, the science courses, so our teachers do a great job.”

Officials say its what’s going on behind walls like this here at Beaufort Middle school as to why scores are steadily increasing.But doctor moss says its not about gearing the curriculum to the test—but providing students a well-rounded education and foundation.

“We would miss the boat if we were teaching to the test. What we have to do is to make sure that the content that we are delivering to students in the classroom is content they’ll use later in life. Whether its in the workplace, college and career, or just knowledge they’ll need to survive in tomorrows society.”

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