Triple A: Gas around $2 across Georgia come Fall

Savannah, Ga-   Many of you may be planning a getaway for the long Labor Day weekend and if you’re driving there’s good news. AAA is reporting motorists will be seeing prices plunge at the pump.

While we’re just under $2.50 a gallon now, less in some places, the closer we get to fall, filling up will be much cheaper.

“I drive seven days a week, probably I don’t know maybe, a hundred, hundred fifty miles a week,” says Rincon resident Lory Lovett who commutes to Savannah.

For heavy drivers get ready to see more please at the pumps instead of pain as AAA predicts gas could drop close to $2 a gallon in the upcoming months.

“We’re starting to see a decline in travel, kids are getting back to school so less demand and supply is good works out to be lower gas prices,” says state AAA spokesman Garrett Townsend.

Townsend says the turn to the cooler weather months usually leads to cheaper prices. Savannah drivers were paying though nearly a dollar more per gallon this time a year ago. Now he says with supply up and demand down, drivers get ready for prices to get back to where they were briefly at the start of the new year.

“I think it will do so much for tourism, people getting out and about I think it will be awesome,” says Lovett.

Gases went below the $2 threshold back in late January according to Townsend adds the plunge should not be dramatic but gradual. Either way the drop will help widen out some people’s wallets.

“It’s gonna help with budget quite a bit and yeah I can see how it could encourage people to travel more,” says Savannah local Jon Bokina.

If you are interested in finding the cheapest gas near you check out this site that can search around near you.


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