Men of Faith take to Savannah’s East side to Strengthen Community

SAVANNAH, GA-  Stormy weather in Savannah did not put a damper on hundreds of church members walking alongside ministers on Savannah’s east side.

The men walked several streets talking crime and sharing a message of peace with residents.

“The church is not solid, the church is not just somewhere we come and sing and pray on Sunday’s but we impact our communities for the glory of God,” says Pastor Charles Roberson of the Kingdom of Life Fellowship as he rallies the troops together in Second Arnold Baptist Church along 37th street.

It’s an impact of taking to the streets, ministering to neighbors who have dealt with crime and violence first hand.

“It’s sad, it’s very sad my brother who passed away a while ago due to carelessness, then I recently had a god brother who passed away a couple of days ago,” says Shekeisha Johnson who lives along East 33rd street and is about to leave her family as she heads to college in Tennessee.

Hundreds of men converged on Waters Avenue Saturday evening. We followed pastor Ray Singleton of First Ebenezer Baptist church as he led a group of men from different churches along East 33rd street.

“We’re hearing that a lot of them are not safe, they’re worried about their children in the area, that some of them don’t allow for them to come outside because they feel it’s not safe for their kids and that’s a concern,” says Pastor Singleton.

It’s a feeling Singleton says he’ll take back to his congregation. As these men walked to share their message they heard plenty in return of how this effort, carrying a positive message, is something the neighborhood needs, .

“First you have to go back to your roots, which is through the church we have to start back getting them back into the church then once we get back into the church and allow god back into our lives everything else will fall into place,” says Singleton.

As these minsters break out of the four walls of their churches members of the community are taking notice.

“Come together as one instead of lashing out with anger and things of that nature and just come together, stay prayed up and be positive,” says Johnson.

Saturday’s walk will be just the first of many for the ministers of the “We must do something” initiative. They plan to walk again in September stay with News 3 as we continue our coverage of this community wide effort.

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