Jimmy Carter: I have Faith and am Ready for Whatever Happens

Former President Jimmy Carter says “he is at ease and ready for whatever comes.”  That today as the 39th president told reporters after the removal of a cancerous tumor in his liver, that melanoma has now been discovered in four small spots on his brain.  He spoke at the Cater Center in Atlanta, saying he planned to undergo his first radiation treatment later today.

After the surgery on August 3, he said he felt good. But later the brain cancer was found. He said “that night I thought I may only have a few weeks left to live but I was surprisingly at ease.  I’ve had a wonderful life and many friends.”

Carter has had four family members who died of pancreatic cancer but says thus far, no cancer has been found on his pancreas.

He’s being treated by a team of three doctors at Emory and says they have in turn, consulted other cancer doctors.

Carter expressed great confidence in his physicians while acknowledging he has received a difficult diagnosis.

He told reporters that he still hopes to make a trip in November to Nepal to help earthquake victims there, but that it depends on his radiation schedule.

For the most part, he says he feels well and has not had much pain.  He also expressed thanks to the thousands of friends in Georgia and well wishers from across the nation who have contacted him with messages of support.

He also said he had heard from President Obama, Vice President Biden, former president George H. Bush as well as former president George W. Bush.  “It’s been awhile since they called,” Carter joked.

He said the Carter Center and its work throughout the world are in good hands, although he will cut down on his schedule considerably while undergoing treatment.  “I have faith,” he said.  “I am ready for whatever adventure comes next.”

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